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Incense is a material composed of aromatic organic materials that release fragrant smoke when burned. The term incense refers to the substance itself, rather than to the scent that it produces. Incense has been used since antiquity in different parts of the world for religious, practical, and aesthetic purposes. All of the major religions incorporate the burning of incense in their rites to some degree, often as a form of purification or as an offering to a deity. Incense is also used to mask unpleasant odors at funerary rites or in crowded gathering places. The fragrance of incense can be, like fine cuisine for the palate, an indulgence for the sense of smell.

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30pack (10 of each scent)

Assorted scents

Frank Myrrh- frankincense & Myrrh

Frankincense -purification of the body mind & spirit, for meditation, prayer &  building a stronger connection with God. Myrrh- soothes your mind & activates your third eye, for insight, wisdom & healing.

Patchouli – attracts prosperity, dispels negativity to promote good dreams.

Money on the street- For money manifestation, power & lust

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